We Bring the Demand

Sell & Procure Assets with the Oil, Gas, & Power Industries' Most Trusted Trader

We Bring the Demand

Sell & Procure Assets with the Oil, Gas, & Power Industries' Most Trusted Trader

Your Asset. Our Expertise.

ExchangeBase is the global leader in the trading of pipe and equipment assets for the Oil, Gas, and Power Industries. We skillfully connect buyers and sellers by way of our proprietary technology to present you hassle-free solutions with unsurpassed value. With massive amounts of data, we methodically match your asset to the need (or vice versa) trade it off and clear the deal. It’s that simple.

If you’re a supplier that needs to efficiently manage surplus material in a timely manner, or a buyer that needs spec’d assets quickly at a discounted rate, ExchangeBase has the solution.

Our track record of success has allowed us to cement relationships with some of the largest oil, gas and energy companies in the world, and a growing customer base reflects our dedication to superior service.

The ExchangeBase Value


Top of the line, accurately spec’d and trustworthy assets directly from your peers.

Proprietary Software

We use big data to skillfully match assets with demand, trade it off and clear the deal.


We have unmatched visibility of available surplus to provide you exactly what you need, when you need it.


We help speed up your timeline for quicker return on investment.


Take advantage of highly discounted, accurately spec’d assets with no sacrifice in quality.


We’ve worked with over 300 companies in the power, oil and gas industries and retain the majority of them.

Superior Customer Service

Thoughtful, dedicated service in every transaction and ongoing attention to your needs.

No Strings Attached

We’ll bring you quotes, and you can either accept, counter or decline. It’s that simple.

Everyone Benefits from ExchangeBase

Whether you’re looking to procure accurately spec’d assets or sell surplus inactive inventory, ExchangeBase works as the intermediary to make it happen. Our process puts us at the heart of supply and demand, and matches your needs with solutions, every time.

For this reason, many of our suppliers become our buyers and vice versa.

Technologies Division

In the digital age, technology is at the forefront of advancement for all businesses no matter how small or large and no matter the industry. ExchangeBase has an invested focus on technology that can bring new life to Oil & Gas, Renewable Energy and Energy Storage.

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Strategic Division

Whether you have an idled facility, a large cancelled project, a full manufacturing line or distressed real estate, EXB Ventures specializes in complex deal making by moving assets responsibly, within any timeframe and generating the greatest return for you.

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Midstream Division

There’s often a high cost and long lead time for pipe and large equipment in the midstream division. ExchangeBase has unparalleled exposure to over 350 midstream companies worldwide, and can work with you to match needs with assets for any related midstream project. Among other assets, we trade line pipe, amine plants, cryogenic plants, dehydration units, pump stations, compressors and more.

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Upstream Division

ExchangeBase has unmatched visibility to the surplus and inactive inventory of global Upstream Companies. If you need to efficiently manage surplus material from a canceled project, or need to procure spec’d upstream assets for a new one, we’re your resource. Among other assets, we trade OCTG, rigs, production equipment and vessels.

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Dedicated Customer Care

When it comes to buying or selling assets, consider us your concierge. We work with you every step of the way to present the right solution for your specifications, availability and pricing requirements.

We also facilitate what it takes to get you the assets, including storage, load out and logistics to meet your specific needs. Unique projects often require creative solutions, and our skilled traders can provide you with tailored options you can’t find anywhere else.

In addition to addressing your immediate needs to put your asset in motion, we become your ally for future projects to come. Our technology collects massive amounts of data that allow us to track your needs on an ongoing basis; and we can alert you about relevant surplus supply and demand.

Rather than expending resources to find the correct spec’d assets for your projects, leverage ExchangeBase to ensure availability and cut costs simultaneously.

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