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You Come to ExchangeBase with Purpose

Buy and Sell Assets

Your Assets. Our Marketplace.

For Energy Companies, ExchangeBase is your advocate. With our unparalleled understanding of global demand, there is no one better equipped to represent the sale of your surplus and inactive inventory.

Our Marketplace gives your assets unmatched visibility to customers

Our Specialists act as your sales team, presenting your asset to other Energy Companies so it can be sold for its intended use

Our Process empowers you to sell your assets effortlessly, with better results than ever before

ExchangeBase: Your Single Source for Energy Assets

Puts our industry knowledge at your fingertips, allowing you to view competitive quotes from suppliers capable of providing the asset you want

Provides instant visibility to available assets that match your project’s spec, including from company-wide assets and Energy companies' inventory

Managed by your dedicated Customer Support Specialist, allowing you to get the results you need without the work

We Bring the Demand.
We Bring the Supply.

The Purchase Request is a powerful procurement tool, managed for you. Creating a Purchase Request streamlines your RFQ process, gathering quotes effortlessly and exposing you to highly discounted assets available today.

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