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ExchangeBase is the virtual marketplace for the global Oil & Gas industry. Our Marketplace empowers companies to buy, sell, and redeploy assets world-wide. ExchangeBase is more than a listing platform, it is a limitless space of possibilities and opportunities for our members.

We are a technology-based marketplace in the Oil and Gas industry. ExchangeBase has worked in collaboration with the Oil and Gas industry to build a single source for the assets they need. We have the most comprehensive understanding of where Sellers and their assets exist globally and our Marketplace connects Buyers with assets around the world with results that are unmatched anywhere.

Our Value

Single Source

A more efficient supply chain benefits everyone involved in a transaction. Our Marketplace connects Oil & Gas Companies to other Oil & Gas Companies, manufacturers, mills, distributors, resellers and rental companies creating a unique community and unparalleled Marketplace experience. 

Unique Assets

ExchangeBase is your connection to unique assets that you will not find elsewhere.

  • Purchase assets from other Oil & Gas companies
  • View assets from mills, manufacturers, distributors, resellers and rental companies that you would not otherwise be exposed to
  • Stay on the cutting edge of industry specific Emerging Technology that offers new solutions to old problems


Companies achieve the highest returns from surplus and inactive assets when they can be reused within the organization, avoiding new capital expenditures. However, communicating asset availability across decentralized companies is difficult to manage.

As a result, we have developed our Redeployment Module as a no cost solution to give companies global visibility into surplus and inactive assets within their organization.  Companies that use our Redeployment Module gain the ability to redistribute these surplus and inactive assets, reduce new capital expenditures, and sell what cannot be redeployed.

Clearing the Deal

ExchangeBase is your advocate, helping you not only to buy or sell assets but to manage the transaction once you do. We are here to clear the deal. We purchase the asset from the Seller and sell it to the Buyer allowing both parties to bypass complex approval processes. Our dedicated Customer Service Specialists assist with communication, facilitating the exchange of information and managing sale wrap up for every transaction. 

 ExchangeBase gives you visibility to assets from across the oil and gas industry including:

Line Pipe and OCTG

Production Equipment

Oil and Gas Processing Equipment

Our Customers Include