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ExchangeBase is located in Rocky River, Ohio. We are a technology-based trading firm that has created a platform to allow Energy companies to exchange ideas, assets, and services. We have two divisions that operate within the Energy industry. Oil & Gas is focused on developing relationships and bringing the best value to our customers by utilizing our comprehensive understanding of assets globally to fulfill all of their sourcing requirements. The second division, Ventures, is an investment company developing a diversified portfolio of investments within the Energy industry.

Our Goal

ExchangeBase’s goal is to provide value to our customers by utilizing three key strengths; our technology, our process, and our people.

Our proprietary technology is the foundation that ExchangeBase is built on. Part CRM and part asset matchmaker, it is designed to give our traders immediate access to projects, inventory and customer details at all times.

Our process allows us to communicate directly with stakeholders at companies across the oil, gas, and power markets to identify their needs and provide data quickly to maximize the efficiency of each transaction.

Our people are the most important part of everything we do. We believe that a service is only as good as the person delivering it which is why everyone at ExchangeBase, from our analysts to our traders to senior management, works together to ensure our customers are given the support they need to make their projects successful.

Our Promise

ExchangeBase is committed to knowing our users and building relationships that last. We believe that our customers deserve the utmost service and work diligently to ensure that all expectations are exceeded. We care about our customers coming back, and they know it.

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