Born of Technology, Driven by Data, and Passionate about Customer Service

ExchangeBase is the Marketplace for Energy Assets.

Our innovative proprietary software has always enabled us to locate, catalog, and trade assets and services on behalf of buyers and sellers. However, we have been listening closely to the needs of Buyers and Sellers and have made continuous improvements to our approach to better serve their needs.

Today, our focus is continual innovation of the process of buying and selling Energy assets by putting that power directly into your hands.  

Online Energy Marketplace

Welcome to the new ExchangeBase Marketplace. We have created an innovative online ecosystem for Buyers and Sellers of assets for Energy industries. Our Marketplace is more than a website. It is an interactive, single-source marketplace designed to meet all of your project needs.

A Technology Driven Customer Experience

Your success in the ExchangeBase marketplace is powered by a team of passionate programmers and specialists who continuously improve our processes to create an exceptional experience for our users worldwide. Our team achieves excellence by paying close attention to all the details that matter to you, your projects, and your bottom line.

Data informs everything we do. It drives our decisions and innovations. It shapes our operations to deliver the best online marketplace-experience for customers and sellers alike. Our success thrives on a culture of decision‐making that is disciplined and focused on you.


Our Culture

At ExchangeBase, we value kindness, selflessness and respect and use those values to inform every action we take. Our technology does not replace human interaction but enhances it by making everyone in the marketplace faster, more accessible, and responsive to each other.

In addition, with ExchangeBase, you always have a specialist to communicate with directly—by voice, email, text messaging, the online portal, or any combination of methods that meet the demands of your workday. We are with you. We ask the right questions. We learn about your challenges and changing needs and provide options and solutions.


Our Parent Company


ExchangeBase is a RiverCap Holdings company. Our parent company’s portfolio is made up of technology driven marketplaces, software, real estate and the capital investment group, RiverCap Ventures.

RiverCap Ventures is committed to pursuing investment opportunities in synergy with our sister companies. Including Emerging Technology, surplus and distressed assets, and real estate.

To learn more about RiverCap Holdings or RiverCap Ventures, visit