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ExchangeBase & Emerging Technologies

In the digital age, technology is at the forefront of advancement for all businesses no matter how small or large and no matter the industry. ExchangeBase has an invested focus on technology that can bring new life to Oil & Gas, Renewable Energy and Energy Storage.

ExchangeBase is seeking individuals, start-ups or companies of any size who have an idea or product no matter its current life stage that can help change the future of Energy. ExchangeBase has explored companies that focus on new Energy Storage and alternative energy as well as exploration, transportation and storage of oil & gas that increase production while minimizing harm to the environment.

Often these ground-breaking ideas or products are never brought to life due to lack of capital or ability to bring the product to market. ExchangeBase will act as an investor, incubator and marketer for your product to yield the best results possible.

Do not let your idea be forgotten, contact ExchangeBase today to bring your product to life!

Technology Portfolio

Trading (AssetMotion)

AssetMotion was built for companies in the Midstream, Upstream and Downstream Oil & Gas industries to increase profitability of surplus and inactive inventory.

AssetMotion features a proprietary matching algorithm that finds projects in need of supply or service to vendors who have properly spec’d inventory.

ExchangeBase has found that companies have been able to increase profitability of their entire project by using AssetMotion to find highly discounted inventory that matches their specs.

Active Projects

Other Technologies (Shield)

Complimentary technologies are scheduled for release in 2018 which will have a significant impact on the safety of the existing infrastructures of pipelines, gas processing plants and refineries.

Waste to Energy (Micro Waste)

We are currently working with patented technology to process two different types of waste streams: post-industrial and post-consumer. The purpose is to convert these waste streams to energy, store the energy, and distribute it to its local consumers.  Our goal is to increase the efficiency of these plants while reducing the cost and footprint which will make them easily deployed worldwide. Ultimately creating an environmentally friendly and sanctioned approach to waste.

Emerging Technologies Assets Traded



Infrastructure Monitoring

Waste to Energy Plants

Some of Our Emerging Technologies Customers

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Midstream Oil & Gas

We trade line pipe, amine plants, cryogenic plants, dehydration units, pump stations, compressors and more.

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Upstream Oil & Gas

We trade OCTG, rigs, pumping units, completions equipment and more.

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Strategic Projects

Our portfolio includes Idled Plants, Distressed Assets, Equipment and Real Estate.

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