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ExchangeBase connects customers and suppliers within the Midstream sector, and helps maximize the efficiency of asset transactions from every angle. The Midstream sector manages the processing, storage and transportation of products like crude oil, natural gas and natural gas liquids. For this reason, Midstream is the integral link between Upstream and Downstream. 

While this process may sound simple, Midstream personnel must navigate numerous logistical challenges and quality assurance to guarantee successful transportation. 

Spec’d equipment is crucial, and projects often face tight deadlines. ExchangeBase helps speed up timelines by identifying spec’d assets for these projects that are available now 

Midstream Assets Traded

ExchangeBase trades assets for oil and gas midstream applications, including line pipe, pipeline equipment and gas processing plants.

Our traders provide options that match your specific project needs 100% of the time.

Midstream Oil & Gas Assets Traded

Amine Plants


Cryogenic Plants

Dehydration Units

Line Pipe

Metering Equipment

Pump Stations


Some of Our Midstream Oil & Gas Customers

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Upstream Oil & Gas

We trade OCTG, rigs, pumping units, completions equipment and more.

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