Strategic Projects

Strategic Projects


EXB Ventures has a proven track record of providing successful and innovative solutions for refineries, rigs, full plant closures, large manufacturing lines, idled facilities and other distressed assets across all industries. The creativity and understanding that we bring to complex deals as well as our passion allows us to constantly expand our reach.

Whether you have an idled facility, a large cancelled project, a full manufacturing line or distressed real estate, EXB Ventures specializes in complex deal making by moving assets responsibly, within any timeframe and generating the greatest return for you.

New Life to Idle Facilities and Assets

ExchangeBase utilizes a specialized matching tool to bring your idle facilities and assets new life. This new life can come in the form of providing intended or alternative uses for the equipment or recycling the material for new product.


ExchangeBase brings the capital. With a global interest and multi-industry footprint, we have the ability to invest into any project. We also have a network of Capital Partners that share the same interest as us if additional resources are needed.

Strategic Projects Portfolio

Our portfolio of successful transactions has come from the following industries: Oil & Gas, Energy, Mining, Paper, Plastics, Chemicals, Military facilities and Manufacturing facilities.

Our team works directly with companies in these industries as well as Financial Institutions on their non-performing assets.

Strategic Projects Assets Traded


Rigs – Land & Offshore

Wind & Solar

Energy Storage

Full Plant Closures

Manufacturing Lines

Waste to Energy Plants


Some of Our Strategic Projects Customers

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Midstream Oil & Gas

We trade line pipe, amine plants, cryogenic plants, dehydration units, pump stations, compressors and more.

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Upstream Oil & Gas

We trade OCTG, rigs, pumping units, completions equipment and more.

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Emerging Technologies

ExchangeBase has an invested focus on technology that can bring new life to Oil & Gas, Renewable Energy and Energy Storage.

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