ExchangeBase is your advocate, helping you not only to find the assets you need but to manage the transaction once you do.

We are here to clear the deal and ensure that you experience exceptional customer service every step of the way.

We designed our portal with our buyers in mind. We recognized the need for an exclusive, single source for assets from a global network of suppliers and the importance of an easy to use interface.

ExchangeBase is your direct connection to the inventories of Energy Companies, manufacturers, mills, distributors, rental companies and resellers world-wide. Search, review and get quotes on the assets you need all in one place. 

The Purchase Request is a powerful vehicle that connects you with assets and services from diverse sources.

Giving you instant visibility to pre-filtered assets and services that match your project’s specs

Streamlining your RFQ Process by notifying and gathering quotes from selected sellers

Identifying matching assets from within your company’s redeployment inventory

Transforming Purchasing

The Purchase Request is a powerful tool that connects you to assets and services from diverse sources.

Each Purchase Request acts as a net, instantly gathering assets, services, and quotes that meet your project's spec. With thousands of participating suppliers and Energy companies in the ExchangeBase Marketplace, we guarantee that you will receive competitive quotes, 100% of the time. 

Create a Purchase Request to enhance your RFQ processes and gain visibility to unique assets and suppliers you would not otherwise be exposed to. 

Inquiries and Quotes  

ExchangeBase makes getting information you need for purchasing decisions easy. Request information and quotes and our Customer Support Specialists engage directly with the seller to facilitate a prompt and thorough response.

We can also provide logistics quotes from major 3PLs upon request. 


We know that companies achieve the highest returns from surplus or inactive assets when they can be reused within the organization, avoiding new capital expenditures. However, visibility of these assets across decentralized companies is difficult to manage. As a result, many companies are unable to take full advantage of redeployment opportunities.

As a result, we have developed our Redeployment Module as a no cost solution to give companies global visibility into surplus and inactive assets within their organization.  Companies that use our Redeployment Module gain the ability to redistribute their surplus and inactive assets, reduce new capital expenditures, and sell what cannot be redeployed.

Our Customer Service Specialists are trained to help you maximize the value of your surplus and inactive inventory, both internally and externally.

Unparalleled Customer Support

Whether you’re creating Purchase Requests or making Inquiries, no matter how you choose to utilize ExchangeBase, our Customer Service Specialists are always available to assist you.

Contact us today to become a Customer with ExchangeBase.