ExchangeBase has been commissioned by Energy Companies to build an ecosystem that connects their demand to the assets of suppliers worldwide.

Our Portal does just that.

ExchangeBase is your advocate, helping you navigate the transaction lifecycle by clearing the deal for you, because the asset is purchased by ExchangeBase, you can bypass time-consuming approval processes and easily sell your assets to the largest Energy companies in the world.

In addition to supporting our traditional suppliers, ExchangeBase is an advocate for Energy Companies, helping them to excel in an unconventional role as a supplier. Empowering them to give their surplus and inactive inventory exposure to the world of demand housed in a single marketplace.

The Purchase Request provides you unmatched visibility into Energy companies’ demand for assets and services.

Enabling you to view and submit quotes on all projects currently in sourcing

Acting as an extension of your sales team by notifying you of new requests that match your supply capabilities

Expediting conventional sales cycles by placing your inventory directly in front of Buyers

Business Development

Scale your business through ExchangeBase by putting your assets in front of global demand.
Our ecosystem is not bound by geographic restrictions, so we give buyers unparalleled visibility to your assets.

Quoting Made Simple

Get your assets in the hands of the buyers who need them now. Review Asset Requests from energy companies and respond directly with your best quote. Because the transaction is managed by ExchangeBase, you have the ease of one point of contact.

Expand your reach through ExchangeBase and bypass complex vendor approval processes. As a seller in our ecosystem, you will have full access to our customer service team, who stand ready to help you navigate through the ecosystem and clear the deal when a buyer wants your asset.

Expert Guidance

We understand that building and maintaining an online inventory on your website is time consuming, so we house your assets on ExchangeBase to not only increase their exposure to buyers but simplify the process of creating and displaying them.

Our Customer Service Specialists are experts in helping you present your assets in the best light to attract buyers. We walk you through humanizing your assets with the right information, photos and descriptions to maximize their appeal to the marketplace.

Sale or Rental

ExchangeBase is not limited to asset sales, rental companies participate in the ecosystem as well by adding their inventory to rent, responding to Purchase Requests and even selling their end of life equipment. 

In addition to that, ExchangeBase offers rental companies the option to “Buy to Rent.” We identify assets that have a rental demand from our buyers and partner with rental companies to purchase the asset and rent it to our buyer. As a result, rental companies have immediate users for their purchased assets.

Unparalleled Customer Support

Whether you’re listing Inventory or creating a Quote, no matter how you choose to utilize ExchangeBase, our Customer Service Specialists are always available to assist you.

Contact us today to become a Vendor with ExchangeBase.