How It Works

The Inventory Platform is a single source for Energy Companies to access the inventory of their peers. Companies can immediately source available critical spares and maintenance items, production equipment and assets for infrastructure projects.​

In addition, we list the highly discounted, in-stock assets of distributors and resellers. We have combined that available inventory with a complete understanding of the production capabilities of mills and manufacturers. This makes ExchangeBase the most comprehensive platform for energy assets available today.​

Our Customers list assets from three categories: 

Written Off – these assets have been written off and must be sold.

Surplus / Idlethese assets have not yet been written off but are not in use and available for sale.

Activethese assets are part of current inventory and can be sold but must be replaced at a future date.

The Process


Get Set Up

When you register with ExchangeBase, a dedicated Specialist is assigned to assist you by answering questions, listing your inventory and identifying assets to fill your needs. ​

We want to ensure that all members of your organization can take advantage of ExchangeBase. Send your Specialist the names and emails of your colleagues from departments involved in buying and selling assets like engineering, supply chain, finance and procurement. We will ensure that all users are set up and able to utilize the platform immediately.


Sell Assets

Your Specialist will work with you to gather details about your assets including critical information such as: ​

  • Description (asset specs) ​
  • Quantity ​
  • Manufacturer ​
  • Location ​
  • Condition (new/used) ​
  • Status (written off, surplus/idle, active)​
  • Original Cost (asset only not including freight or engineering expenses associated with the asset) ​
  • MTR/certification availability (yes/no)​

All you need to do is send an export of data from your inventory management system and our team of analysts will immediately add your inventory to the platform. Prompt and complete information will allow us to transact much more efficiently.  


Reciprocate - Buy Assets

If you are listing your inventory to sell to other Energy Companies, we ask that your purchasing team comes to ExchangeBase first when they are buying assets. Our team will work with them directly to understand their needs and present any matching available inventory from your peers.

​When you buy through ExchangeBase, we clear the transaction. Our Clearing Team handles every part of the deal. They facilitate commercial negotiations, communicate terms and conditions and coordinate all agreements and paperwork needed to execute a transaction. ​

Our Support team assists with any questions along the way and manages sale wrap-up to ensure assets get to where they need to go on schedule.