The ExchangeBase Solutions Process

If you work in the oil, gas or power industry, consider ExchangeBase a natural extension to your team. If you haven’t worked with us yet, you’re likely familiar with the concept of trading surplus equipment among peer companies. Wouldn’t it be beneficial to have a partner with unmatched exposure of spec’d assets to facilitate the trade for you? The ExchangeBase solutions process achieves just that.

We are a virtual marketplace that seamlessly connects the demands of our Customers to the assets and services of our Vendors.We are the best resource to match your specific need with the right solution, manage the trade, clear the deal and ultimately save you time and money. No matter where you fall in the process, ExchangeBase provides value. For this reason, many of our buyers become our suppliers and vice versa. Our service doesn’t stop there. ExchangeBase can facilitate the load out and logistics of all spec’d assets and we do so quickly and efficiently.

The Complete Solutions Process Involves:


Identify Demand

Customers commission ExchangeBase to source spec’d assets in a timely manner for upcoming projects.


Analyze & Collaborate

Our trained traders analyze available inventory and work directly with Vendors and Customers to tailor options and fulfill specific project needs.


Present Solutions

ExchangeBase presents corresponding assets available from the inventory of our Vendors.


Exchange & Deliver

ExchangeBase purchases the assets from the Vendor and the Customer procures them directly from ExchangeBase. We then facilitate load out, logistics and reconciliation.

Expedite Value

Whether you’re a customer or a vendor, ExchangeBase saves you time and money so you can see a quicker and higher return on investment.

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